A bit too far

Stretching the boundaries of magic

Short Bio

Lee is a seventeen year old, multi award winning, comedy magician. 

Slightly Longer Bio

Lee Winters is a professional magician sure to entertain all audiences. He performs both close up and on stage. He was born on a roller coaster in Lake Compounce, thus leading to his crazy character. Three years after that, he started making things disappear beyond his control. At 5 years old, Lee picked up a deck of cards. Now, over a decade later, they are always in his pocket and are his secret powers when it comes to putting smiles on people's faces. But throw him on a stage and he will have everyone falling out of there seats laughing and all jaws laying flat against the floor. No matter who it is, where it is, or what it is, he will guarantee a smile on everybody's face. 

     Lee's shows are filled with magic, comedy, and lots of audience participation. So, if you are ready to see some magic that is sure to knock your socks, shoes, and all other foot-related accessories off, then hire Lee today!

‚Äč    He has been a part of the Society of Young Magicians (The Bill Andrews Society #42) for 9 years, and the Society of American Magicians for 5 years. He has performed at schools, temples, camps and more!

     Lee recently was a performer at the Society of American Magicians National Conference!


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