Kids Show

Lee performs in a way that gets the kids laughing hysterically throughout the entire show. This performance will be showing effects that will take your audience's imagination on a wild roller coaster! This includes one of Lee's signature tricks (the trick, in fact, that got him started as a magician), "The Mind Reading Machine," where one person reads somebody elses mind! Face painting available upon request.

  • Show length: 15-45 minutes
  • Great For: Birthday Parties, Holiday Parties, Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, Town Events, Private Parties, and more! 

Walk Around Show

Lee will perform his award winning close up magic for your guests, an amazing way to have a magical time without leaving your seat! Walk around magic simply is when Lee will walk around and mingle with the guests, doing magic tricks in this intimate setting, right before their eyes. This package makes it simple to entertain large numbers of guests without cutting out a specific time during the event (it can be incorporated throughout the event). 

  • Show length: Contact for details
  • Great for: Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Corporate Events, Cocktail Hours, Restaurants, Festivals/Fairs, Holiday Parties, Dinners, Trade Shows, College Events, Private Parties, and more!

Parlor Show

What is a parlor show? Lee takes everything that is perfect about a stage show, the audience participation, the music, the awe, and puts in in a smaller setting. The thousands of people in a large theater make it hard to truly experience the show, but with parlor, everybody feels involved! Lee's mixture of incredible feats of mind-reading, escapes, and more, mixed with his praised comedy and interaction with the audience, creates an unforgettable experience for your event. 

  • Show length: 20-60 minutes
  • Great for: Performing Arts Events,. School Assemblies, Holiday Parties, Festivals/Fairs, College Events (Freshman Orientation, Parents Weekend, etc), Corporate Events, Private Parties, and more!


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