A bit too far

Why hire a magician?
  • If you have ever been at an event where you didn't know many people? Lee has too. Lee, after years of experience, has been able to solve that problem for both of you! Lee's magic will get you talking to the person next to you, even if you never met them, and it gets conversations started, gets people laughing, and having a good time. Easily turn normally quiet dinner parties into social and active events. After the same blues singer or that Beatle's cover band that you hire because the lead singer is your brother, Lee's magic is a breath of fresh air. Hiring a talented magician is your chance to make a lasting impression in a completely unexpected and new way with an unforgettable form of entertainment.

Is Lee related to famed baseball player Lee Winters?

  • No he actually has no relation to the famed baseball player Lee Winters because that player in fact does not exist.

What do you get when you hire Lee?

  • Lee is here to simply cater to your needs. Whether you want walk around magic at your wedding cocktail hour, or a stage show for your town's back-to-school festival, Lee will accommodate to your requests. Lee will personally work with you to give you exactly what you are looking for.

How far in advance should I book Lee?

  • It is suggested to book as soon as you can. Because he is in high demand, dates go quickly, and are reserved in a first come first serve basis.

When I saw Lee perform I vanished into thin air. What should I do?

  • Hakuna Matata, no worries! You should reappear somewhere in the Aleutian Islands within seven to ten business days.  



Stretching the boundaries of magic

​What ages does Lee perform for?

  • Lee has performed for a huge variety of ages. He has performed for as little as four years old, and as old as 101! Performing at various birthday parties, community events, nursing homes, senior centers/assisted living centers, and everything in between, Lee has the experience to have every audience member captivated, whether young or young at heart. Basically, as long as you are within that range, you are good to go!

How long are Lee's average shows?

  • Lucky for you, that's your decision! When it comes to a stage or parlor performance Lee has performed as short as five minutes, and as long as 90. If you are talking about a walk around type performance, Lee has performed up to four hours at a time in an outdoor venue (then he got really hot and left), but he can go on and on as long as you need!

What would I need to provide for Lee?

  • It's simple! Lee needs a space for him to perform, whether that is an actual stage (which is awesome) or just an open area in your family room. He also needs a place for the audience. Depending on your venue, that would mean people will sit on the floor or in chairs or just stand up. Lee tends to need a chair or stool, as well as a small table. Oh yeah, a bottle or glass of water can also be nice. Thanks!